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Home Staging Tips When Selling

  If you are planning to list your St George or Hurrican real estate soon, staging is  a key ingrediant in today's marketable homes.  Most people who list their homes have an open house, but prior to putting your home in an open house, you might want to do some home staging first before inviting people to view it.  The good thing about home staging is that you are going to increase the property value of your home so you can sell it immediately at a better price.

Tips you should know when staging.

  Buyers see and remember first impressions.  Clean the parts of the house that needs some tidying up.  Examples of these are the porches and the walls that sometimes get forgotten.

  You should also start packing the items in your home.  Since you are going to put it on sale, it's best to remove the personal items that you have at home.  These are the family pictures and other memorabilia that would make a buyer uncomfortable along with some religious items.  The buyer needs to see themselves in the home, not you.

  De-clutter the areas of the house with items you still may use on a regular basis.  You also need to remove some appliances in the house in order to make the house appear more spacious so the clients will be convinced more to buy the Southern Utah home.

Since you will be cleaning up, it is very important to place the trash or garbage can in a place that is far from the sight of the buyers.  This will not only make your house look uncluttered but also clean enough for the buyers to be attracted towards the idea of buying it.  (See our St George real estate page for more)

  Fix any issues that will need tending to.  If a buyer would have to do it, you may find them looking at another house.  Consider sealing the cracks in areas and after sealing them up, you may also want to repaint it in order to make it more presentable and looking brand new for the clients.

  Apart from just the physical appearance, it is also very important for you to have the house checked for some hidden problems such as pipes and electric systems.  With this, you may want to ask a professional plumber and electrician to have these things checked for you.  Its a great idea to have an inspection done prior to the buyers inspection.  This will tell the buyer you are a serious seller ready to fix any issues ahead of time.  It shows the buyer the house is well cared for.

  When it comes to electricity, it is important for people to see that you have an organized and safe electrical system at home.  As buyers, they do not want to compromise their safety when it comes to fire accidents.

  If you have a lawn, make sure to clean them by trimming up the weeds or at least decorate it by planting some flowers in complimentary colors to the house.  In this way, you will make your house looking much more presentable especially in the initial photos.

   When it comes to selling your house, you will be able to sell it at a much better price when you stage it.  For more details on the specifics of your home please contact us.  We would be happy to come by with tips and strategies for staging, listing and selling your Southern Utah real estate.