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   Located in Washington county in the Southern end of  Utah is the town of Hurricane UtahHurricane.

Visitors traveling through Hurricane might wonder why a town in southern  Utah shares its name with a tropical cyclone — a type of storm that never has  and never will make "landfall" in the inland desert.  The curious name dates back  to the early 1860s, when a whirlwind blew off the top of a buggy carrying a  group of surveyors led by Mormon leader Erastus Snow.  "Well, that was a  Hurricane," exclaimed Snow.  "We'll name this the Hurricane Hill.  "The nearby  fault, mesa, and, later on, the town, took the same moniker. How residents say  the name might catch many off guard. Locals pronounce it "Her-ah-kun," which is  the British pronunciation.  Coincidentally, a town in West Virginia shares the  same name and pronunciation.  True to its name, the town has a reputation for being windy and slightly colder than St. George.

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Today, Hurricane boasts a population of nearly 11,000 and continues to grow  at a rapid pace with new residents attracted by the area's pleasant climate,  favorable Hurricane UT - Photo by Aaron D. Giffordeconomy, and close proximity to recreation havens such as Zion  National Park, Lake Powell and Grand Canyon National Park. Located 18 miles east  of St. George, Hurricane also lies within minutes of Quail Creek and Sand Hollow  reservoirs, popular spots for boating, water skiing and fishing. The city hosts  Peach Days each Labor Day Weekend, which commemorates its fruit-growing  heritage.  The festival includes a parade, agricultural displays, live  entertainment, food and craft vendors, a variety of contests, and children's  games, among other activities.  Hurricane exudes extreme civic pride, which has  produced the Heritage Park and Pioneer Museum, housed in the former library, in  the center of town.  The museum recounts the history of the town's settlers and  the construction of the canal. Though no longer in use, a trail along part of  its former route and the museum's exhibits preserve the canal's memory, a  testament to the ingenuity, determination and longsuffering of Hurricane's  pioneers.

Above Photo by Aaron D. Gifford used with his permission.

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