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Steps to Take Before You List

If you are planning on listing your St George real estate in the near future, make sure you take the steps to ensure it shows well and gets listed for the right price.  Our staging tips can help, but before you begin, make sure you are prepared to get what you need out of it.

To get an idea of what your home is worth, you can fill out our home value form or simply search for homes in your area that are similar.  This can be deceptive because what people list for is not what they sell for in this market.  Its a better to get a list of SOLDS, from our team, to get a better idea what homes are selling for.

For starters, look at what homes with the same square footage, bedrooms and bathrooms and lot size, and see where the range is.  If you have something the other don't, you maybe able to add a little, if they have something you don't, you can deduct slightly.  The worst thing would be to price it higher than everything comparable.  You wouldn't get offers and you won't get showings.

Consider too how much you need out of the home.  Remember, selling a home doesn't just involve the cost of the home.  There are realtor's fees, taxes and closing costs.  These alone can range quite high so make sure you can cover those in your price.  Get an idea of how much you need out of the home and how much you want.  You will need to pay off any existing loans or liens on the home first, closing costs to lenders, banks, escrow and county and any realtors fees.  These last fees are negotiable so make sure you talk with us before putting all your eggs in one basket.

Once you know what you need from the home, ask yourself does it need repairs to really compare to whats down the street for the same price?  If you come in at a lower priced, better amenties and a better design than your competitor, you will get a sale.

Send us an email, below, and tell us what you are wanting to get out of home.  We would be happy to offer you a no obligation listing presentation with tips and ideas to help sell your Southern Utah real estate.


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