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St. George Utah

Welcome to St. George Utah - Located in the Southwest part of Utah, St. George is one of the largest cities in Utah besides Salt Lake City.

St. George is located in Washington county and was settled in 1861 possibly by two different Geroge's.  No one knows for sure which George actually founded the town but since then there have been several smalled towns and communities that have grown up around St. George.

Because of it's location as a key route from California and Salt Lake City, Washington county is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing areas in Utah.  St. George is a wonderful destination point because of the scenic surroundings but also for countless businesses looking for a better way of life and more prosperous atmosphere.

At the end of the century St. George was rated as one of the best places to retire according to Rand McNally.  Because of this, large communities and developments have built up all around the area.  Young families have also called St. George home and have added to the most stable and reliable work forces in the nation.  There is a competitive contruction rates and low crime in this area.

There are a variety of parks, lakes and entertainment facilities around the area. Here are just a few :

Wherever you want to escape for the day or weekend, there is always something fun to do no matter what time of year you choose to do it.  Come see why St. George is such a popular place. We have homes for sale in St. George and we specialize in finding and selling Hurricane UT real estate which is just a few minutes north of St. George.