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Relocating & Storage

Thinking of Downsizing?


  If your family is downsizing, we would like to offer some encouragement, keep an eye on the future.

  People may be moving into smaller homes and condos in the St. George real estate area. Smaller dwellings mean less storage space, and less storage means it's time to pack some things away. Having a yard sale to weed out unwanted items is a great way to start the process of downsizing. (Our Santa Fe real estate contact has more relocation information)

  Remember to think long term when downsizing. Don't get rid of anything you may need down the road later. You don't want to dispose of things you will just have to replace later. Selling the silver tea set you received as a wedding gift will only get pennies on the dollar and you can never replace its sentimental value. You might consider putting items in storage for the time being and keep the rest packed safely away for the future. Sell or donate to charity what you can part with, at least for the tax deduction.

  Ways to keep your personal items safe. One of the best ways is with a climate controlled storage facility. Regular storage facilities can damage delicate collections or treasures, the climate controlled environment will keep your items as if they were in the home. The climate controlled storage unit will keep your items at the same temperature year round making sure they are safe when you want to use them again. 

  When packing your items for storage, be sure to pack with care. Even though you are planning for the future, you don't know what it can hold. You may need to keep your belongings in the storage longer than anticipated and you may need to move them without unpacking them first so you want to be sure you have packed carefully from the beginning. 

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